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Notification Systems & Locator Systems

Equipping your organization with notification systems can help a big building stay connected. Whether you are protecting nurses and doctors from violent patients, sending out a request for help, or preventing a patient from wandering into dangerous situations, LVC offers many solutions. Buildings with notification systems like these also help save money by responding to emergencies before they become serious. LVC also provides methods for tracking. We offer locator systems which allow you to track a patient or a package. Locator systems help you look after what’s important, and keep things from going missing.

Asset Management Systems

Notification and Locator Security Systems
Asset management helps minimize work, mistakes, and headaches. Our systems will keep things from going missing, and save you money.

Infant Protection

Notification and Locator Security Systems
Infant protection systems help keep babies safe. In addition to added security, the system provides real-time tracking of the infant and ensures consistently correct matching with mothers.

Nurse Call

Notification and Locator Security Systems
Nurse call buttons streamline communication between patients and their healthcare associates. This technology saves lives by allowing patients in distress to easily contact someone for help.

 Pediatric Protection

Notification and Locator Security Systems
Pediatric protection systems work to keep children safe while they are at the hospital. These systems prevent unwanted wandering and abduction.

Pendant Systems

Notification and Locator Security Systems
Whether you're a patient in need of help, or an employee in need of assistance, pendant systems ensure safety by sending out a beacon which allows support to know when and where help is needed.

 Wander Management

Notification and Locator Security Systems
Alzheimer's and vascular related dementia are growing concerns in the United States. Wander management technologies help keep loved ones safe by securing patients with advanced cases.

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