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IT Infrastructure

The technology you rely on to keep your business running relies on the IT infrastructure supporting it. Whether you want to keep your building occupants safer, improve the speed of your system, or need to add to your network, we have the right solutions for making your tenants happy with their system and device performance. We customize copper and fiber wire solutions to so keep your IT Infrastructure performing at its peak.

Switches, Hubs & Routers

Network Infrastructure
LVC offers every accessory you need to keep your network's infrastructure running like a well oiled machine. Expand it to every corner of your space and ensure everyone's connectivity.

Wireless Networks

Network Infrastructure
In addition to setting up wired networks, LVC can also set your organization up with a powerful wireless network. Just like wired networks, these systems can integrate a variety of products.

Riser Management

Network Infrastructure
Risers control the cable in a building. The wiring can quickly become messy, but we will organize and optimize it. Well organized risers make building upgrades and expansion much easier.

Voice | Data: Copper & Fiber

Network Infrastructure
LVC can help build the backbone of your voice and data network and the low voltage technology systems that run on it. The health and functionality of your voice and data networks depend on the wire supplying them.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Network Infrastructure
Distributed Antenna Systems make up for shortcomings in wireless signal. A DAS can be used to overcome thick concrete walls or high occupancy in places like venues and stadiums.

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Brands & Manufacturers

We continually strive to deliver superior products and services to our valued customers. Our structured cable solutions enable you to build an IT Infrascture specifically tailored to the needs of your building and business. Each project is supported by dedicated account managers, trained and accredited technicians, project managers, engineers, and CAD operators.

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