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Maintenance and Monitoring

LVC’s involvement does not end once your systems are installed. We offer system monitoring and maintenance services to complement our installations. Monitoring systems establish a protocol for when your protection systems activate. If it detects a fire, monitors will call the local fire departments. If someone trips your burglar alarm, the police will be notified. Monitoring takes place 24/7, so you know your assets are always safe. Additionally, we will monitor your systems for errors and provide both proactive and reactive maintenance to keep your system functioning properly.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

System Monitoring
LVC offers 24/7 UL Central Station offsite alarm monitoring for your fire alarm system. Service centers maintain close contact with local jurisdictions to provide quick responses and minimize fire damage.

Maintenance Programs

System Service
Once you install your system, it is important you maintain it. LVC can help you prepare a preventative maintenance program to prolong the life of your safety, security, and data systems.

Security Systems Monitoring

System Monitoring
LVC will equip your newly installed or renovated security system with a staff of security experts. 24/7 system monitoring detects break-ins and will quickly contact local law enforcement.

System Health Monitoring

System Monitoring
System health monitoring tracks the status of your system. Devices will report status and usage statistics which our team can help you interpret and advise you on how to solve any issues.

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