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System Inspection Services

LVC employs a vast network of fire and life safety experts who can perform your required system inspection . In addition to installing everything you will need to keep your building safe, LVC also offers inspection services and maintenance programs for all of our low voltage technology systems and fire protection solutions. Our inspections will help your business remain accountable to compliance regulations without business interruptions.

Fire Damper Inspections

System Service
Coordinated inspections allow low voltage and HVAC professionals to work in conjunction to test dampers and detection devices across both Joint Commission and NFPA 101 life safety codes.

Emergency and Exit Lighting

Fire and Life Safety
Ensure your exit signs are properly placed and functioning correctly. Regular inspection of their battery units ensure proper evacuation in the event of a power outage.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire and Life Safety
Schedule our representatives for regular and worry free inspections. Our technicians perform annual inspections, but we also perform in-depth inspections every 6 years.

Fire/Life Safety Systems

Fire and Life Safety
NFPA guidelines require regular inspections, testing, and maintenance. These inspections take place after initial installation and then along intervals depending on the building's attributes and insurance.

Fire Sprinklers Inspections

Fire Sprinkler Systems
LVC's inspections follow NFPA guidelines. We can help you comply with fire code by inspecting a variety of systems such wet, dry, pre-action, and deluge sprinklers.

5 Year Internal Inspections

Fire Sprinkler Systems
LVC offers 5 year internal inspection services which are often overlooked, but the NFPA requires these inspections on all commercial buildings with sprinkler systems.

Compliance Management

System Service
Simplify your building's inspection process with LVC. We provide complete inspections in one neat package, and we coordinate all required changes and improvements.

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