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Moves, Adds, Changes, and Upgrades

If you plan on changing your space, there are many elements you need to keep in mind.  Many people overlook fie and life safety system changes and upgrades. Changing your interior design and layout can bring new life to an area. However, there are several factors many overlook while they perform these system changes and upgrades. Once you change the layout of a space, there are usually changes required to your fire, life, and security systems as well. If you are thinking about makings changes and upgrades to your space, then contact LVC, and we will make sure your renovated space is still secure and up to code.

Bandwidth System Performance

IT Infrastucture
Slow and under performing networks can cause decreased productivity in the workplace and unsatisfied tenants. Keep your teams happy and productive with adequate bandwidth so your business runs smoothly.

Camera Upgrades

System Service
Increase your security and monitoring abilities by upgrading your camera system. LVC's expert staff can advise you on which cameras to get, and where to place them for optimized security.

Smart Building Consultation

Consulting Services
Smart buildings help you gain energy and resource efficiency. LVC's products integrate with smart building technologies so you can manage your building more effectively and save money.

Systems Evaluation

Consulting Services
Periodic inspections of your complete system can present opportunities for improvements. These inspections help you plan for both short and long term changes to your system.

Tenant Improvements

System Service
Incoming tenants often require a variety of changes and upgrades to their space. LVC offers many of the products tenants need such as technology infrastructure, fire safety, and security systems.

Nitrogen Corrosion Control

Fire Sprinklers
The main source of corrosion in sprinkler pipes is the presence of oxygen. Introducing nitrogen removes oxygen present in both wet and dry systems, slowing the oxidation corrosion process in fire sprinkler pipes.

Contact LVC if you are considering moves, adds, changes, or upgrades!