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Advanced I.T. Systems

Voice | Data Copper & Fiber

Your voice, data, video and security networks are only as dependable as the cabling infrastructure that ties them together. LVC is a leader in the structured wiring industry. We understand that protecting your assets while safely minimizing operational risk and disruptions is essential to your business. We work closely with you to increase your business performance with a well-designed, installed, and certified system, avoiding costly issues.

LVC’s Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) have vast experience in evaluating, planning, designing and implementing cable infrastructures. As a member of BICSI, our technicians average over ten years of experience.

We perform onsite inspections to ensure we are meeting all technical, safety, and customer data privacy requirements. We are certified by and partner with leading cable and connectivity manufacturers, giving you the best solutions, choices and certified installations. LVC uses state of the art test equipment that insures you are receiving the certification you need.

Speech Privacy

What would happen to your business if confidential information was accidentally exposed? Privacy non-compliance? Lawsuits? Information getting into the hands of your competition? The point is that in open public areas of regulated industries such as hospitals, clinics, and banks, sensitive information can be overheard. Additionally, employees are less productive when distracted by conversations in and around their offices.

LVC uses sound masking technology in strategically positioned speakers that emit barely perceptible low level noise to establish zones of voice privacy where needed. We have years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining sound masking systems in highly regulated industries. We also have the knowledge to implement technology systems that meet the most rigorous security requirements.

LVC’s sound masking services include:


Audio Video

Effective communications and business presentations can benefit and be enhanced by technological solutions. LVC offers a large variety of audio and visual communication products that can be combined to create a unique, one-of-a-kind application for your company.

LVC provides integrated digital audio/video systems for many markets and industries. We specialize in products, system design, and services for audio, video, and digital media management and distribution. Our team of AV professionals uses only the most current technologies in our designs. We take pride developing up-to-date, effective solutions within your budget.

Products from the top names in the industry include:


Public Address Systems

Whether paging an employee in a crowded office, making a public announcement at a sporting event, pressing the call button for assistance from a hospital bed, or giving an emergency announcement on a college campus, an effective communication system is key to dispersing critical information to the right people at the right time. The ability to produce clear and intelligible sound in a wide variety of environmental conditions is critical. At LVC, our professionals design, engineer, and install effective, state-of-the-art equipment to meet the needs of your company.

An effective paging system in the workplace is an irreplaceable element for businesses that rely on intercom communication for successful day-to-day operation. Paging systems may include internet and cell phone alerts, and many efficient workplaces also feature paging systems that coordinate with conference calls and other telecommunication functions.

We will work closely with you to analyze your current system in order to determine your needs and identify the best workable solutions. Our team will then professionally install your personalized system using equipment offering the latest technology available.

Whether it’s overhead paging, public announcements, background music with paging override, paging alert system, or emergency paging notifications, LVC offers the expertise and knowledge you can trust. Our customers include hospitals, warehouses, schools, financial institutions, retail, and more.

Phone Systems

All business phone systems are not created equal. We work with trusted phone system partners ensuring that ours are quick and easy to set up.  We have a comprehensive line of business phone technology and our phone systems support both analog and VoIP phones in any combination.  This gives your organization the ability to adapt new technology at once or gradually over time.   Our hardware is designed with ergonomics and modern office aesthetics in mind, giving users easy, intuitive communications access. 

LVC’s Structured Cabling Services include: