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Life Safety Systems

Although your company has many assets from equipment to inventory to facilities, none are more important than your people. Protecting all of your assets – the highest priority of which is your people – is essential to continue your business operations successfully. LVC has the expertise and experience to design and engineer, install and maintain a comprehensive, reliable life-safety system including:

Fire Alarm

The most dangerous element in a fire is not the flames but the smoke. LVC offers state-of-the-art life safety equipment as manufactured by Notifier and Xtralis designed to provide you with early warning and code complaint alarm and evacuation devices. Whether you are managing a three-story apartment house, a regional or local hospital, a high rise office building, or a high value computer center, the NICET certified LVC experts will guarantee that your system will be designed, installed, and maintained in accordance with local and national codes, as well as any individual and insurance requirements.

Gas Detection

The potential for exposure to toxic, combustible, or oxygen deficient environments exists within every building in which people gather. Gas detection systems monitor gas levels to protect people, equipment, and properties. Gas detection systems are an investment in life safety along with security against property damage or production loss.

LVC carries the complete line of Honeywell Analytic Gas Monitoring products. This equips us to provide solutions as simple as for an auto repair shop or as complex as for a full scale industrial plant.

Gas monitoring includes platforms such as toxic, irritant, combustible, and flammable gases as well as monitoring oxygen levels.

Nurse Call

A fully-integrated, total system solution for better hospital performance

What if you could reduce the time in answering patient calls, or track your staff’s performance using metrics? What would it mean for your hospital if you could improve both patient and staff satisfaction? It would mean decreased stress and increased efficiency. That’s what a total nurse call system from LVC can deliver.

LVC has partnered with one of the most recognized names in the health care industry – TekTone – to provide Nurse Call, Patient Assistance, and Emergency Call systems. With TekTone and LVC working together, you can be confident that your nurse call solution will be in compliance with exact codes such as NFPA 101. Our experts will ensure that your Nurse Call System will fully and precisely integrate with your other building systems, like Building Automation and Fire Alarm.


Our fire and life safety product lines include the following:

Fire Alarm Systems

Early Warning Fire detection

Gas Detection

Fluid Leak Detection System

Area of Refuge

Nurse Call