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BluePoint Alert

Click Here to Watch the Blue Point Alert Informational Video

BluePoint Alert is a first of it’s kind, Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) that is specifically designed to speed the response times of law enforcement and first responders when life-threatening incidents occur within schools and other facilities. It is inspired by the fire alarm system and can get police to a building faster than a 911 call. Studies show that the faster first responders are on site, the more quickly an emergency situation will end.

Like a fire alarm system, pull stations are strategically placed throughout the building and are available for anyone to initiate.  Because the design and functionality is familiar the system requires minimal training to use.  You can also integrate mobile devices like a pendant for strategic building occupants.  The system can be integrated with paging systems, medical alert systems, security cameras, automatic door locking and other building security systems.

When activated the BluePoint Alert system sends a message to a central monitoring station who then activates a police or security dispatch.  At the same time it provides rapid initiation of precautionary measures throughout the building and communicates to the intruder that police are on their way.