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Building and fire codes can be confusing and change all the time. As a result, it is hard to find experts who understand how fire code is applied. LVC’s employees possess this knowledge and can apply it to the design and installation of technology and protection equipment.  Think of LVC as your partner helping you to understand and use these fire protection design standards.  Starting with a good plan is vital for having successful results.

Data Center Design

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Our staff of experienced professionals offers consultation on data center design and installation. We will ensure an efficient layout that saves you money on parts, installation, and maintenance.

Fire and Building Code

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LVC offers total compliance management which will find any shortcomings in your building's safety features. Based on these inspections, we will suggest improvements to pass your next inspection.

Hazardous Material Storage

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If you are storing hazardous materials, it is important they are stored properly. Further mitigate risk with systems designed and installed by LVC specifically for application in storage environments.

Smoke Management System

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We work alongside HVAC specialists to ensure our systems work with theirs. In the case of a fire, HVAC systems help expel smoke and prevent the spread of fire.

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