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Fire Sprinkler Systems

LVC installs fire sprinkler systems for all applications and uses including tenant improvement and new construction projects.  Our solutions help you to meet applicable fire and building codes with fire sprinkler systems that save lives and protect property.  We work in every type of building and occupancy. From executive offices and prison cells to government-approved clean rooms, LVC designs and installs fire sprinkler systems to handle the specific needs of any space that needs a fire sprinkler system.

Deluge Systems

Fire Sprinklers
A deluge fire sprinkler system puts out a fire by using a lot of water over a large area to quickly stop the fire from spreading, especially in areas with expensive equipment to protect.

Dry Systems

Fire Sprinklers
A dry pipe sprinkler system uses pipes filled with pressurized air or nitrogen rather than water. These systems provide automatic protection in spaces susceptible to freezing.

Fire Pumps

Fire Sprinklers
LVC installs and maintains pumps designed to deliver huge quantities of water through a building's sprinkler system.

Leak Detection

Fire Sprinklers
Our leak detection systems notify you if there are any loose or cracked pipes. Early detection saves water and prevents costly damage to your property.

Nitrogen Systems

Nitrogen Generation for Fire Sprinkler Systems Prevents Rust Oxidation
Nitrogen can be either stored in tank or generated with machines. Either way, incorporating nitrogen into your building's sprinkler system will push out oxygen, prevent rust, and prolong the life of your system.

Pre-Action Systems

Fire Sprinklers
Pre-action fire sprinkler systems do not contain water in the pipes. Smoke, heat, flame detectors or a manual switch control the release of water into the pipes to put out a fire.

Storage Tanks

Fire Sprinkler Systems
Storage tanks are used for a variety of applications. LVC offers installation and service of all types of tanks used for fire suppression systems.

Wet Systems

Fire Sprinklers
A wet pipe fire sprinkler system activates water immediately and covers the area where smoke or fire is detected.

Brands & Manufacturers

We continuously work to deliver superior products and services to our valued customers. Designing and installing the right fire sprinkler systems that protect lives and save property is an extremely important part of what we do.  We work with industry-leading manufacturers to provide the proper application.   Each project is supported by dedicated account managers, manufacturer trained technicians, project managers, and CAD designers.

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