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Fire Extinguishers

Properly maintained portable fire extinguishers are a vital part of a balanced fire protection system and your first line of defense during the early stages of a fire.

Properly trained personnel increase the ability to minimize damage to your business and possibly even extinguish the fire.

LVC specializes in the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers as well as the sale and installation of portable fire extinguishers for businesses like yours. We offer Fire Extinguishers ranging from 2.5lb hand portable units to 350lb portable wheeled units. Proper placement, size and type of each fire extinguisher is vital for adequate protection. Our fire protection specialists can perform site surveys to analyze the hazards that are present. We will make recommendations as to what type of fire extinguisher you should have, where they should be located and the required quantities.

PERSONNEL: We are members of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and NAFED (National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors), and our service technicians are NFPA, NAFED, and factory trained, equipping them with information to keep your facility up to current codes and regulations.

MOBILE SERVICE: Fire extinguishers will be serviced in one of our Mobile Work Shops at your site. Thus, you will have no loss of fire protection or loss of employee time bringing the fire extinguishers to our shop.

EMPLOYEE TRAINING: We offer fire extinguisher which ranges from videotapes, lectures, to hands-on live fire training. These classes are customized to the hazards that may be found at your facility.