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Fire Protection

Proper fire protection systems put out fires quickly. Being able to put out a fire as soon as it starts helps to save lives, reduce business interruptions and prevent damage to property.  Because not all fires are the same, it is very important to choose the right system, agents, and application.

Conventional methods of fire protection, like fire sprinklers and hand-held extinguishers, are good options to consider.  There are also more advanced options like foam systems, chemical systems and clean agent systems that are growing in demand, especially for particular situations where water-based systems could damage valuable equipment and property.  LVC’s fire protection experts and on staff Fire Protection Engineer can help you chose and design the application that is right for your situation.

According to the NFPA, there were just over 1.3 million fires reported in the United States in 2016 that caused 3,390 civilian deaths, over 14,000 civilian injuries and $10.6 billion in direct property loss.  A fire department responded to a fire every 24 seconds.   Shocking statistics like this are a great reminder of how important a proper fire protection plan is for saving lives and property.

For this reason, partnering with a licensed and certified fire protection company makes sure that you receive quality inspections, safety tests and repairs to fire protection equipment. Our code experts understand the frequencies and standards to meet for NFPA, equipment manufacturers and the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Image a a row of sprinkler risers

Fire Sprinklers

Deluge Systems
Dry Systems
Fire Pumps
Nitrogen Systems
Leak Detection
Pre-Action Systems
Water Storage Tanks
Wet Systems

Image of a row of portable fire extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Carbon Dioxide
Cartridge Operated
Clean Agent
Dry Chemical
Dry Powder
Water and Foam
Water Mist
Wet Chemical

A kitchen hood system designed to vent fumes and prevent fires.

Pre-Engineered Systems

Food Truck Hood Suppression
Kitchen Hood Suppression
Machine Shop
Mobile Equipment Suppression
Paint Booth Suppression
Tool Shop Suppression

Image of a discharging suppression system

Special Hazard

Clean Agent Systems
CO2 Systems
Foam/Chemical Systems
Industrial Dry Chemical
Inert Gas Systems

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Raving Fans

OK, these guys are into fire extinguishers, but they were so nice that I had to give them a plug (no sure if there’s a pun in there). I had gotten a free (depleated) fire extinguisher someone was tossing. I thought I’d look into getting it charged. I happened to run into Andy Freiermuth in an S.A. parking lot and I asked him if it was worth getting it charged. He said, sure, and gave me his card. I went to their office in Edina and the guys there were very helpful. The guy who ended up helping me was, Bob. Bob took my old, depleated, extinguisher and exchanged it for a charged one. Simple, quick, easy. I left their office very pleased! Thanks guys!!

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