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Our Commitment to Safety

Life Value Commitment

Safety is one of our core values, and the evidence can be seen in many of our daily practices and ongoing initiatives we have promoting jobsite safety.  For us, safety includes on the job training, statewide involvement, a weekly education program, staff accountability, and the tracking and reporting of safety results.  Our commitment is to protect our workforce by reducing dangerous situations, increasing education, and staying alert and up to date on safe work practices. We maintain high safety standards and are always looking for ways to improve.

AWAIR Program

Construction Jobsite and Workplace Safety
LVC's AWAIR Program aims to reduce the number of workplace accidents, ensure compliance with OSHA standards, and create a safe workplace by creating awareness and managing known hazards.

Basic Safety Standards

Construction Jobsite and Workplace Safety
All of LVC's employees complete the safety training required and governed by OSHA. Our employees attend safety training at the start of each project to learn the hazards specific to individual job sites.

Employee Education and Accountability

Construction Job Site and Workplace Safety
LVC believes safety should be everyone's responsibility. The whole company participates in JATC Toolbox Talks. This training includes weekly topics to keep safety in the front of everyone's mind.

Jobsite Safety

Construction Job Site and Workplace Safety
We establish specific responsibilities for all of our employees on jobsites, and ensure their duties to safety are clear. We believe detailed roles facilitate safe workplace standards and habits.

Safety Awards

Construction Job Site and Workplace Safety
LVC regularly demonstrates a commitment to safety through the pursuit of safety awards. We have earned both the MN Governor's Safety Award and the NECA Safety Award.

Safety Committee

Construction Jobsite and Workplace Safety
Workplace safety issues are reviewed, measured, and improved at our monthly safety meetings. Each quarter we host a cross department meeting which includes office, management, and field employees.