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Green and Sustainability Practices

We are committed to responsible use of our resources and continue to make efforts to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Over the years, LVC has implemented many sustainability practices. We regularly evaluate our methods and look for additional ways to improve our operations.  Some examples of our sustainability practices are listed below.

Electronic Recycling

Green Practices and Initiatives
We start by intelligently procuring our materials. If we end up with extra we find how to reuse it. If it cannot be reused at all, then we make sure our electronic waste is recycled.

Energy Reduction Practices

Green Practices and Initiatives
LVC engages in several methods to reduce our energy consumption. Turning off the lights in the office is one way we do this, but we also added LED lighting in 2016.

Office Recycling Program

Green Practices and Initiatives
Designated recycling receptacles for paper are used in all workstations in our office and sorted recycling bins for plastic bottles, aluminum cans and paper are part of our lunchroom recycling program.

Paper Reduction Practices

Green Practices and Initiatives
We perform most of our day to day communications and transactions using electronic formats. When we do use paper, our printers default to double sided.

Reduce Fossil Fuel Usage in Company Fleet

Green Practices and Initiatives
We are constantly evaluating our fleet including condition, efficiency and fuel consumption. Over the years, we have initiated change like swapping out our large commercial vans with more efficient ones and using hybrid cars.

Reuse/Recycle Waste on Job Sites

Green Practices and Initiatives
We always try to recycle on job sites as much as possible. Our efforts are reported by an independent, third party company who assists in collection and redistribution.

Waste Prevention on Job Sites

Green Practices and Initiatives
In an effort to reduce waste on job sites, we ask suppliers to buy back unused items and replace all damaged materials. We assess material storage practices to prevent loss due to weather.