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Community Involvement

Many companies take an approach to community service where one or two organizations are supported by all members in that company.  At LVC, we financially support community causes, rally to support charities important to our customers and encourage our employees in their support of organizations that are important them.

Over the years, LVC and our employees have been active supporters of many charitable causes.  Our employees volunteer with local charities, coach youth sports teams, and support local fundraising efforts. Others serve as local board members, using their knowledge and insight to better their communities. At LVC, we have a culture that encourages and supports the members of our team being a part of the communities they are in. 

LVC shows their support of individual efforts through a charitable donation match program.  Having this kind of policy in place encourages employees to identify and support charitable causes that have personal meaning.  It also allows families to share in the value of giving.

As a company, we participate in group events to support charities and causes in our communities.